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Puri TourPuri is one the most popular destination and religious center in India to the travelers and Hindu pilgrims. It is also known as Hilgiri, Niladri, Hilachal Purushottam, Srikehetra, Jagannath Dham, Sankhakshetra, Jagannath Puri and Puri is one of the famous char dham. Puri is situated along the coast of Bay of Bengal in Orissa. The temple of Lord Jagannath is the main attraction of Puri for the religious people. Gundicha Temple, Laxmi Temple, Totapuri Ashram, Mata Math, Mohona etc. are some places to visit in Puri. The lovely white sandy beach of Puri always attracts traveler to come back here again and again. Anual Rath Yatra is the main festival of Puri. Millions of people come to Puri from all parts of India to see and participate in this festival every year.

Puri Weather

Altitude: Sea Level
Summer Temperature: 36oC max. and 27oC min.
Winter Temperature: 25oC max. and 15oC min.
Average Rainfall: 135.23 cm
Best Time To Visit: October to March

How to Reach Puri

Puri is situated in Orissa, India. It is merely 60 km away from Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Orissa and about 500 Km away from Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. Puri is well connected with other major cities of India.

By Air

Biju Patnaik Airport, Bhubaneshwar is the nearest airport of Puri and it is just 60 Km away. Bhubaneshwar is well connected to Puri by road. Daily flights are coming from New Delhi, Kolkata, Chenni, Mumbai, Hydrabad etc.

By Train

Puri well connected by railway networks to other major cities of India. Several express and super fast trains are coming from different cities. Jagannath Express and Puri Express are coming from Howrah (West Bengal) to Puri everyday. Travelers can also come to Puri via Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa. Dhauli Express and Janasatabdi Express are coming to Bhubaneswar from Howrah everyday. Purushottam Express and Neelachal Express are also coming to Puri from New Delhi.

By Road

Luxury and Volvo bus services are available Puri and Kolkata. Vishakhapatnam, another important city of Andra Pradesh is also well connected by road to Puri. Except these, several other buses are coming from other cities of Orissa like Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack etc.

Puri Tourist Places

Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple, PuriJagannath Temple of Puri is one of the most popular pilgrim destinations in India. It is considered as one of the most important char dham. The temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath (Lord of the Universe), another form of Lord Krishna. In the 12th century, this temple was built by Raja Ananta Varman Chodaganga Dev. Jagannath Temple is spread over an area of approximately 400,000 square feet and topmost point of the temple is placed the 'Srichakra (eight-spoke wheel)' of Lord Vishnu. There is a huge tower in the temple, built on a raised platform of stone and rising to a height of approximately 214 feet above the inner sanctum. The idols of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra have been placed on an ornamented platform inside the temple. The kitchen of the Jagannath Temple is believed to be the largest kitchen in the whole of India. Every day, thousands of devotees come to the temple and are given the holy "Mahaprasad". More than 6000 priests and 14000 assistants give their service every day. This temple celebrates the festival of Ratha Yatra on grand scale.

Gundicha Temple

Gundicha Temple, PuriThe Gundicha Temple in Puri, also known as Janak Puri, is another very popular temple. It is named after the king Indradyumna, popularly known as 'Gundicha'. It is the Garden House of the Lord Jagannath. Every year, during Rath Yatra in the Hindu month of Ashadh, Lords Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are taken in beautifully decorated chariots (Raths) to this temple where they spend nine days before they return back to their own temple Bada Deula while performing the popular Bahuda Yatra. The temple is situated at the other end of the great highway Bada Danda and the distance between the main shrine of the Jagannath Temple and the Gundicha Temple is 2,688 meters. The temple is surrounded by a wall. It is really an amazing place and an important part of sightseeing in Puri.

Puri Beach

Puri offers one of the most magnificent sea beaches in India. It has one of the finest white sand beaches in the world. It's main attraction lies in the vibrant play of colors during Sun rise and Sun set. The sky seems the canvas of God. To make the experience more memorable you also get an opportunity to spot an artist make awesome sand sculptures on the Puri beach. It’s also famous for people taking auspicious purification dip.

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